Core Programs for the Academic Year


Aspire Learning Center offers a set of "Core Classes" for follows the public school system's academic calendar year.  You'll notice in the class overview below that each English Class offered is designed to follow a corresponding class in the public school system making the addition of our classes an asset to better grades at school.  However, the English Classes offered at Aspire Learning Center are primarily taught by native English speakers who earned the CELTA certification (Cambridge English Language Teaching Assessment: Certification to teach English to speakers of other languages).  Their strategy and teaching methods will have you speaking English quickly! 

When you register for a class, your language skills and ability to communicate in English will be assessed by the staff at Aspire Learning Center!  They will help you determine the appropriate class for you!

Select one of our "Core Classes" below for more informaton:

I. Beginner English Class
II. Pre-Intermediate English Class
III. Intermediate English Class
IV.  Advanced English Class

Intensive Program:

Intensive, Customized English Courses!

Overview:  These English Courses are called "Intensive" because they are generally shorter in duration of time (one week to one month) and the pace of each lesson is much faster covering more material.  Each Intensive Course is designed for those wanting specialized English training or corporations which desire to provide specialized English training for their staff. 

Provided there are suffient numbers of participants, Aspire Learning Center can customize each class to the needs of corporations and special interest groups.

Each one of the following Intensive Courses has a "Minimum" number of participants.  Otherwise, the class will be postponed until there are enough students. 

Select an Intensive Course below for more details:

I. Business English
II. Introduction to English
III. Preparation for BAC


Program: Clubs

Join a CLUB!

Learning English isn't just about learning new vocabulary words or grammar rules!  It's an opportunity to expand your perspective and learn about other people in different cultures.  Aspire Learning Center developed "CLUBS" in order to provide a bridge into new worlds and experiences for you to explore!


In order to join the  "BOOK CLUB",  you must be registered for one of the core English classes and become a member of Aspire Learning Center.

In order to join the "DEBATE CLUB", you must be registered in an Intermediate or Advanced English class and become a member of Aspire Learning Center.